My New Lounge Collar

Mini:My puppy chewed my lovely lounge collar in two! But guess what, Jess made me a brand new one.


My new one is royal blue and yellow bungee cord twisted together. Jess had never made one like this before, so it was kinda an experiment.

Mini's twisted DIY lounge collar

Twisted DIY lounge collar

Since it was twisted, we couldn’t attach the ring to it like we did my last one. Instead of wrapping the bungee cord around the ring and then tying it like we did before, we slid the ring in between the two pieces of cord and tied it at the ends.

Twisted DIY lounge collar tie

This was what my old lounge collar looked like. I kinda liked my old lounge collar better because it was not as bulky, so I might make my next one like it. The twisted lounge collar would probably be better for a larger dog, but is also fine for a dog my size. Besides the twisted one looks way neater.

DIY lounge collar

To learn how to make your own lounge collar visit Barbarella’s post “DIY Lounge Collar“.

That Time: Back at Minidatsun

BarbarellaToday I’m going to show y’all some pictures of me learning and having fun at (the place I grew up)


Here I’m running in the grass on a sunny day.
Barbarella running

I am lying in the sun.

Barbarella in sun

Here, Mini and I are sniffing in the grass.

Mini and Barbarella

Here I’m learning how to do agility for the first time.

Barbarella jumping2

Barbarella jumping

My favorite thing to do over there was to chase squirrels and rabbits.

Barbarella looking for squirrels Barbarella looking for squirrels2 Barbarella looking for squirrels3

Here I’m chasing a ball and speaking to the camera.

Blurry Barbarella

Barbarella speaking


And here I’m just chilling inside on the blankets.

Funny Barbarella

I hope y’all enjoyed the photos.

Barbarella Smiling

Package from Petco

Mini:Our new bed arrived! I jumped right in it as soon as the box was open and it was put down.


The next day when there was good light, we did the photo shoot. Our new bed is cream on the inside, brown on the outside and soft everywhere but on the underside.

The underside of the bed has grips to keep it from sliding around but does not pick up or get fur stuck to it like Barbarella’s previous bed did.

I was happy to lie in it for the pictures. It was a bit smaller than we expected but it still fit two Doxies in it.

I liked the bed so much, after the photo shoot was over I didn’t want to get out. I stayed in it the whole time until they put it back in our crate.