Preparing For Our New Family Member

Mini:Today we are going to go the airport to pick up our new family member! Well… Jess and Amanda are going to go pick him up, Barbarella and I are going to stay at home excitedly waiting for them to get back with him! Jess and Amanda have been shopping a lot for our new family member and my birthday and so far they have gotten almost everything they need for (spoiling) him.

Below is a list of what we need and have gotten for him. Green means we’ve got it red means we haven’t yet.

  • Collar – Guardian Gear 10-16″ electric lime green.
  • Leash – If the green collar looks good on him we will order a leash to match it. We have extras in the meantime.
  • ID Tag – We are going to get one when we go to pick him up.
  • Crate – He is flying here in his crate.
  • Food – The breeder sent some of the food he is currently eating with him. We have plenty of our brand for him to switch over to.
  • Training treats – You bet! Zukes skinny bakes PB & blueberry and Bil-Jac little·Jacs liver treats.
  • Chews – 1 jumbo Pig ear and 1 Barkworthies beef gullet stick.
  • Food bowl – Loving Pets bella bowls in artichoke green.
  • Toys – He has a toy in his crate with him while flying here. We have lots of toys to share and we also got him a new one just for him from Walmart.

Zachary's goodies

Did we forget anything?

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