Spring and Dairy Queen!

We had a great first day of spring. Dairy Queen was having a special free ice cream cone day to celebrate the first day of spring. Now, just who would pass up free ice cream! Not us! I am always looking for a chance to go for a ride somewhere and Dairy Queen was no exception. Now, we could have gotten the free ice cream first, but we decided to get some “real” food to eat before the ice cream. Dairy Queen has a pet friendly patio so Barbarella and I got to wait under the table while everyone ate.

Chili Cheese fries and steak finger baskets from Dairy Queen.

Mmm… Chili cheese fries and a steak finger basket.


Dachshunds at dairy queen on dog friendly patio.

Our view of the place. It was a really nice wood patio.

Dachshund dogs at Dairy Queen in Texas. Dog friendly patio.

Every now and then, we got a YUMMY SUPER DELIC… ahem, a snack or two passed to us under the table :P

Dachshund, Mini and dairy queen steak finger. Dog friendly patio.

No, I didn’t get to eat the whole thing. Too bad though ;(


It’s always a good idea to be extra cute when food is around.

Dachshund, Mini wanting some diary queen food.

And then, a chili cheese fry went overboard! And, anything that goes overboard is instantly ours!

It was so so good!!

Dachshunds eating dairy queen chili cheese fry on dog friendly patio.

Up for some pets.

And now it was on to the ice cream!

It’s not good for us to have too much ice cream, so we got to lick the last bit out of  the bottom of the cone.

Dachshunds eating Dairy Queen ice cream cone on dog friendly patio.


We were very, very well behaved and deserved every treat we got that day. We stayed under the table totally relaxed while everyone ate and when Jess or Amanda needed to walk somewhere, we heeled very nicely even with other people walking by. And we stayed nice and quiet so not to disturb the other people there.

Now, on to the part where I tell about how we were complimented on how well behaved and how cute we were. Yep, we can’t go hardly anywhere without being adored. Jess and Amanda said this was our best time yet going somewhere on the account of how well behaved and relaxed we were. Of course, I’ve learned that the better you behave around food the more food you get.

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