The Digging

Off we went out to our pasture a couple weeks ago, to go on a much needed walk. It had been cold, but from a couple days before, it got warm enough to go for walks, off leash walks I might add.


The first day.

Happy doggies!

Can you spot me?

The second day.

Off leash is awesome!

The Digging day.

We came across some gopher mounds that smelled pretty interesting. So we invited ourselves into them.

Oh, yes I hit the jackpot of smells! Mine was even better than the one Mini was busting into. But, yep, soon Mini was trying to take over my hole. I did my best to not let her, but somehow she wiggled herself underneath me and took over!

Now, I don’t like it when she takes over MY holes so I will try to get it back by digging on her. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. It didn’t work at first so I tried wiggling myself under her to get back to all the smells.

And it worked!

Hahahahah, Mini! It’s mine!

After that, we kept taking turns digging on top and in the hole.

Now, something Amanda is always wanting to do when there is a digging session going on is, get some funny pictures of us with dirt all over our faces. So, she told us to leave the hole and to look at her. Mini left the hole alone, but something else caught her eye. I on the other hand stopped messing with the hole and looked at her. And as she said, “Ready, set” I threw in a slight head tilt right before she said, “Okay”. She said I nailed it with the funny picture.

We got to dig some more, then Amanda said we needed to stop and go inside, but we didn’t want to stop digging so we gave her the “puppy dog eyes” (if you want to see the faces we gave her, check out Cutie Monday #146.). The “puppy dog eyes” were a success and we got to dig for a little bit longer!

After the extra time digging, we were on our way back up to the house. Then, through the weeds, we saw something moving. We went after it and started shouting “armadillo!!!”. We were chasing it, the humans were yelling “leave it”, and it ran around and then it turned back around and went into its hole! That was fun, but then we had to be leashed because the humans didn’t want us going down after it.

That’s it’s hole it went into.

Here’s a picture of its back end in its hole.

After that, we finally went inside.

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