Trimming Black Nails

Mini:Does your doggie have solid black nails? Are you afraid to trim them yourself because you can’t see the quick and don’t know how much to trim off? You’re in luck! Today I am going to share how Jess trims my solid black nails without being afraid of hitting the quick.

We use the scissor style clippers.

Scissor style nail clippers

It’s actually quite simple. Just trim the nail little by little until you see a black dot in the middle of it (picture below). Jess also files the ends of my nails after clipping them to keep them smooth. She did a lot of research and tried many different methods, but she found this one to be the best. My nails have never looked as good as they do now!

How far to clip black dog nails

My nails have never been as short as they are supposed to be (to where you can’t hear them clicking on a hard floor).  I don’t think my nails will ever get that short, but they have greatly improved.

Here is my comparison pic. To the left is how my nails looked before we started trimming them regularly. To the right of the picture is after we started doing them regularly.

Mini's nails before after

Jess has never hit the quick using this method so we wanted to share it with you. There is still no guarantee that you won’t hit the quick though. If you do end up hitting the quick, it is recommended that you dip the nail in styptic powder or cornstarch to help stop the bleeding.

Just don’t forget to give your doggie lots and lots of treats and praise after you’re done.

Have a Doggie that is scared of nail trimming?

If your doggie is scared of getting their nails trimmed, try giving them a treat right after you trim each one of their nails.

Example: Clip one nail, praise as soon a it’s clipped, and treat.

After a while of rewarding every time you clip each nail, you can start rewarding for every two nails: clip, clip, praise and treat. And after a while of that you would: clip, clip, clip, praise and treat. You get the picture.

Barbarella and I couldn’t stand getting our nails trimmed before, but after we started getting a treat/praise right after each nail was clipped, we didn’t mind as much anymore. I lie quite still for my nails to be trimmed now.

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