Two More Buckle Collars And A Leash

Barbarella:Penny and I each got new buckle collars like Mini! Mini got her first buckle collar last week and we liked hers so much that we wanted one too. Also, Zachary got a new leash to match his collar!

Amanda got my buckle collar in neon pink.

Barbarella's new neon pick buckle collar

She doesn’t usually get neon pink colored stuff for me, but it was the only color pink they had.

Red piebald miniature dachshund, Barbarella posing with buckle collar

I think neon pink looks pretty good on me.

Red piebald miniature dachshund, Barbarella begging with buckle collar

Red piebald miniature dachshund, Barbarella looking pretty

Now the only thing my neon pink collar doesn’t really go with, is my leash. With it’s bright neon color, it makes my leash look like it’s purple (but it’s real color is called raspberry sorbet, which is a dark pink). But that’s okay, at least it matches my tongue.

Barbarella with her new buckle collar on and leash

We got Penny’s new buckle collar in purple. She always looked good in that color so that’s why we got it. She usually wears red, but we thought that it was time to get her a different color to wear.



You look great in purple Penny!

Zachary needed a leash because he didn’t have one and Amanda and Jess have been using our leashes for him (ours are pink and blue). And when they would take pictures of him they would regret putting my pink leash on him (boys don’t wear pink!). Now they don’t have to worry about embarrassing him with my pink leash anymore. The lime green leash matched his collar perfectly.

Soild black miniature dachshund, Zachary with lime green leash

Soild black miniature dachshund, Zachary with lime green leash

We got all our buckle collars and Zachary’s leash from a hardware store. Every since we got Zachary’s leash, we look so colorful on our walks.

Barbarella, Zachary and Mini on leashes

It makes us look like we are rainbow doggies with all the different colored leashes.

Mini, Zachary and Barbarella on leashes

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