Tylee’s dog food

Last month, a big chewy.com box showed up at our gate. This was not the normal kind of chewy box that shows up, this one was a mini freezer of the sorts. This was our first time receiving frozen food so we didn’t quite know how it worked.

Chewy.com frozen shipping box

Well, you see, the box is lined with thick Styrofoam and filled with bags of dry ice keeping the contents of the box frozen! Now, isn’t that neat?

Chewy.com frozen shipment

The dry ice was sitting on top of a cardboard insert with holes in it to keep it off the bags of food while still letting the cold though to them.

Chewy.com frozen shipment | Tylee's dog food

It was nice and frosty under the dry ice and cardboard.

It was nice of them to include instructions on how to handle the dry ice and a pamphlet on their food.

Tylee’s is a frozen dog food made up of chunks of cooked meat, vegetables and fruits. Over here, we seem to always be trying out a different kind of food and this is the latest. Barbarella and I each got a bag; I got the pork recipe and Barbarella got the turkey.

Tylee's dog food, pork and turkey recipes 50 oz. bag

Here is Barbarella’s turkey recipe frozen (top) and thawed (bottom). Each recipe has a different veggie/fruit mix and you can see them all clearly in the food.

Tylee's turkey recipe frozen and thawed comparison

And here is my pork recipe thawed. We suspect that the white powder on the food is the vitamins and minerals that are added to it.

Tylee's pork recipe thawed in container.

Some days we get it mixed in with our kibble and other days we get it as a whole meal. Either way, it’s absolutely delicious :P

Tylee's pork dog food mixed with kibble

Watch me gobble down a bowl of it with some pumpkin seeds Jess added.

Tylee's pork recipe.

We love it, but since I seem to be having a hard time keeping my weight down on it and because of the high price, I most likely won’t be getting another bag. Although, we might get another bag to use as a kibble topper if it goes on sale because we absolutely loved it!

Now, if any of y’all decide to get some Tylee’s, I would suggest having a gallon zip-lock on hand. The Tylee’s bags come with a resealable zipper on them, but both of our bags’ zippers separated from the bag, so we had to put them in zip-locks to keep them sealed.


*We were not paid or perked to write about this product. We just simply wanted to share our thoughts on it.
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