Yay, Zachary!

Mini:Zachary is doing really good with his house training and we are so happy for him! For the past few nights he has been getting to sleep with us in our big crate instead of in his little crate by himself. The first time he got to stay in our big crate with us was when he was here only 1 1/2 weeks and he ended up peeing in it.


Recently, we have been letting him out of the crate for longer time periods and he hasn’t peed on anything or even attempt to! He hasn’t had an accident in the house for the past week! He is doing okay on his “sit” and Jess says he would probably know it already if she was more experienced with clicker training and if she would spend more time working on it with him. He is doing pretty good with his recall. When he first got here, you could call him over and over and he wouldn’t come. Now, he comes when called most of the time unless there is something really interesting around. He is also calming down some (I say some) and Jess was actually able to get some fair pictures of him. He still loves to make blurry pictures though!




Here’s one of the blurry ones.


Solid black Dachshund, Zachary.

This would have been a great picture if only we hadn’t been using Barbarella’s pink leash for him at the time.



Later he had me switch leashes with him.



Please continue to be a good boy Zachary, so that way you can be out with us most of the time! Oh, and if you would leave the baby chicks alone and stop chasing them you wouldn’t have to be on a leash when outside. It is way more fun without one :)


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