Zachy’s Gotcha Day

Hey, everyone! It’s Zachy and I’m back with another post! As of June 25th it has been one year since I flew here from Ohio and I just can’t believe it has already been that long! I have had a lot of fun with Mini and Barbarella and chasing rabbits together. So below, I am going to list all the things I have learned and gotten to do for the first time over the last year.

In no particular order:

  • I learned my name.
  • I learned “down”.
  • I learned how to “sit”.
  • I learned how to “leave it”.
  • I learned not to chase the chickens.
  • I learned that a *click* from the clicker means I get a treat.
  • I have found that chasing rabbits is REALLY fun!
  • I went to Tractor Supply.
  • I got to go to Petco a couple of times.
  • I got to go on some horse rides. I don’t like this as much as Mini and Barbarella do though.

Okay, now the list is getting a bit too long so I am just going to stop there.

I got a present and it was yummy.

It smelled good so I helped open it.

This treat/toy was supposed to last a while (hence the word “everlasting” on the package) but being a dachshund, I overruled the rules and took the treat out of the toy (not supposed to do that) and finished it pretty fast ;) Yummy!

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